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Type HDC 600

Reinforced steel mesh cutting machine

Based on the proven concept of the circular plate shear

With this machine, the rods are not broken apart by a fast-moving blade, but neatly sheared off where the two cutting discs meet. The machine cuts in forward motion. As a result, considerably less vibrations occur than on conventional cutting machines.

Both cutting discs are driven to ensure the rods are securely pulled into the discs and cut. Special wear rails made of special steel protect the relevant areas of the cutting unit from wear by protruding rod ends. To enable the machine to be loaded by crane, it has been designed without any upper beam. In addition, it is possible to rotate and bend.

Standard equipment

  • Double-sided usable cutting blades made of high quality tool steel large enough to allow for repeated sharpening.
  • Simple operation via manual switch even when wearing work gloves.
  • Emergency-stop button and return key
  • Pneumatic mesh clamping device with large clamping range
  • Collets with rubber strip secure the mesh during the cutting process
  • Maintenance-free and low-wear cutting unit guide
  • Carbide metal wear rails protect the base plate of the cutting unit from signs of wear
  • Feed by means of rack and pinion gear motor
  • Infinitely adjustable feed rate via frequency inverter
  • Return speed of the cutting unit twice as fast as feed rate
  • Lateral protective side fences and light-grids at the front and back of the machine
  • Mesh draw hooks
  • Mesh support table at the back of the machine
  • Indicator lamp always shows the operating status of the machine
  • Adjustment of cutting width by means of potentiometer
  • Leuchtmelder zeigt ständig Betriebszustand der Maschine an
  • Automatic interruption of the cutting process if the mesh bounces
  • Energy supply of the cutting unit via a cable guide chain

Special equipment

  • Mesh stop
  • Green laser line clearly shows cutting path on the mesh
  • Removal- and loading systems