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Type U 32-10

Reinforced steel mesh bending machine

Hydraulically driven bending machine with field-proven manually controlled valve

A mechanical, continuously adjustable set-up of three different bending angles up to 180° is possible by means of adjusting fingers supplied in series. The bending beam with a precisely functioning bending roller rail is continuously adjustable at the steering device. This makes it possible to realize very short bending ups.

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic drive by means of manually controlled valve
  • Continuously moveable quick acting bending cams with a mandrel diameter of 28 mm
  • The quick acting bending cam can be removed of inserted at any desired place and is above all proved to be worth with frequently changing sections of the welded wire meshes

Special equipment

  • Continuously moveable quick acting bending cams with 40, 55 and 75 mm mandrel diamter
  • Special bending cams for 50 mm bar distance
  • Foot switch control
  • Measuring length stop with two hinged stops
  • Measuring length up to 750 mm, Measuring length from 75 mm up to 2.000 mm
  • Program control by means of pin circuit type I including angle correction switch. By means of the program control up to six different bending angles can be preselected and called on demand. The bending angle can be readjusted by means of the correction switch. The program control is mounted in eye level.
  • Computer-controlled program control system type II with +/- angle correction. Possibility of preselection for 8 different bending angle inputs and 100 storable basket variants including switchover to manual control