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Type Mammut

Reinforced steel mesh bending machine

Still more performance and technology for the most rough application in a fully automatic bending operation

A mechanical, continuously adjustable set-up of three different bending angles up to 180¡ is possible by means of adjusting fingers supplied in series. The bending roll rail with sliding bearing guarantees an exact bending angle and prevents drawing of the wire meshes. It can be quickly adjusted to the desired value by means of a hand crank.

Standard equipment

  • Continuously moveable bending cams of 45 mm mandrel diameter with screw fixing
  • Gear- / brake motors and foot switch control

Special equipment

  • Centrally controlled locking system for bending cams. Continuously moveable bending cams with 30 and 60 mm mandrel diameter as well as special bending cams. Additional fingers for further bending angle adjustments.
  • For the efficient manufacture of reinforcing baskets: Automatic measuring stop with computer-controlled program system type IV for measuring length and bending angle inputs.
  • 100 storable basket variants each with 6 measuring length and bending angles
  • Measuring length from 75 mm up to 1.500 mm. Switchover to manual control.
  • Measuring stop with quick adjustment of the welded wire mesh stops
  • Measuring length from 75 mm up to 2.500 mm
  • Program control by means of pin circuit including angle correction switch.
  • By means of the program control up to six different bending angles can be preselected and be called on demand. The bending angle can be readjusted by means of the correction switch. The program control is mounted in eye level.
  • Computer-controlled program system type II with +/- angle correction. Possibility of preselection for 8 different bending angle inputs and 100 storable basket variants including switchover to manual control.

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